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Granite Catamarans on a Granite Wave, 1993-4

Granite Catamarans on a Granite Wave, 1993-4

Black and white Indian granite ( dolerite/basalt and diorite )

350 x 1400 x 700 cm

Installation Cass Sculpture

Private collection UK

This work was featured in Stephen Cox's 2006 solo show in Bristol: 'Stephen Cox: Sculptor, Origins and Influences' 

This work was featured in Stephen Cox's 2004 solo show in Shropshire: 'Mappa Mundi, Meadow Gallery, Burford House

This work was featured in Stephen Cox's 1996 exhibition: 'An Indian Decade, Art Today Gallery, Ajanta Gallery, New Delhi, Jamali Kamali Gardens, India

This work was featured in Stephen Cox's solo show in 1997: 'Stephen Cox at the Dulwich Picture Gallery, Dulwich, London' 

Faceted Column, 1999

Faceted Column, 1999

Finsbury Pavement

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Yoginis, 2000 - 2010

Yoginis: Ox, Ram, Elephant, Horse, Hog, 2000 – 2004

Yoginis; Buffalo, Crocadile, Rabbit, Cobra, 2004 – 2010

Charnockite (basalt) each sculpture is approximately 200 cm x 55 cm x 40 cm

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Echo, 2006

Echo, 2006

Fleet Place

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Grand Peregrine, 2009

Grand Peregrine, 2009

Cass Sculpture Foundation

Indian granite

400 x 130 x 130 cm

Kani: Muses, 2011

Kani: Muses, 2011

Black Indian granite and cotton cloth of various colours with oil

60 x 500 x 46 cm (23 1/4 x 196 3/4 x 18 inch)

Collection of the artist

Relief Figure Emerging, at Apple Tree Yard, 2015

Relief Figure Emerging, 2015

Apple tree Yard, 8 St James Square

Studies for Figure Emerging:

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